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Autumn colors in the Saxony Switzerland Mountains


Schrammstein - Saxon Switzerland National ParkAt the end of October I went to one of the most special and unique hilly regions of Germany and Europe, the Saxon Switzerland mountains. 

Forest - Saxon Switzerland National Park

 The area, which was declared National park in 1990, is a paradise for climbers and hikers, where you can walk through beautiful forests, plains, ravines and many viewpoints overlooking on table mountains with protruding rock formations, which makes this landscape like from a Lord of the Rings movie. 

Bastei - Saxon Switzerland National Park

In the company of golden yellow autumn colors, I visited most of the most beautiful and popular spots in 5 days, but I will definitely have to come back because there is still a lot to discover.

Kleiner Winterberg - Saxon Switzerland National Park

Very well-maintained and marked hiking trails are suitable for all types of hikers, from those who would like to take short walks to those who would like to spend a whole day in nature. 

Neue Wentzelwand - Saxon Switzerland National Park

There are many accommodation facilities around the park, I chose Bad Schandau, which is 10-15 of drive to all the hiking starting points and where you have restaurants, shops and everything you need for your stay.

Schrammstein views - Saxon Switzerland National Park

In the future, when I’ll return, I will probably choose to stay in the small and charming village of Schmilka, which is also probably the most “central” starting point for hiking and from which you can access most of the best spots in the park. But the photos will definitely tell you more about the magical Elbe Sandstone Mountains.


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