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Autumn in Slovenia: 30 Beautiful Landscape Photos of Autumn Colors in Slovenia

Slovenia has one of the most diverse landscape views on a so tiny area in the whole World. From the Seaside vineyards, and little villages, to the mighty mountains in the Alps, with lakes, waterfalls and colorful trees. Not forgetting the top-hill churches, caves, the green Soča river, the island on the Lake Bled, … and so on and on. 

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Check some of my favorite autumn photos from Slovenia, I made in the past years.

Debeli Rtič
Debeli rtič Cape
Jamnik and the The Church of St. Primož and Felicijan
Padna village
Trupejevo Poldne
Sv. Tomaž near Gorenji Vrsnik village
Brkini Winding Roads
Brkini - Road near Artviže village
Lake Bled
Sv. Kvirik near Sočerga village
Debeli rtič Cape
Sv. Tomaž above Škofja Loka
Purissima Vineyard near Škofije
Colorful forest in the Triglav national park
Sv. Jakob near Topol pri Medvodah village
Predel Pass
Debeli rtič cape at extremly low tide
Bohinj Lake
Sv. Tomaž near Gorenji Vrsnik village
Flooded Planina Karst Plain
Brič Wineyard
Drežnica village with Krn Mountain in the back
Sečovlje Saltpans
Lake Bled
Jasna Lake
Vintgar Gorge
Peričnik Waterfall
Sv. Uršula above Polhov Gradec
Artviže Village
Flooded Planina Plain
Colorful forest in the Triglav national park
Črni vrh above Polhov Gradec
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