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Two days trip to Posavje region

Rajhenburg Castle and the Sava river

In the second half of June, I went for a couple of days to discover a lesser-known area of Slovenia, Posavje. Certainly most of the Slovenian and foreign tourists who visit our country choose those to all well-known destinations. Believe me, all of you who will add to the visiting plan the area along the lower part of Sava river, will not be disappointed. You will be amazed by the beautiful nature, with streams, rivers, waterfalls, rolling hills with vineyards, castles and beautiful churches that beautify the tops of the hills and of course friendly people, excellent cuisine and wine! And let’s not forget that crowds and mass tourism are unknown in this part of Slovenia.

The starting point on my two-day visit was the newly built Hotel in Nature on the Tri Lučke estate above Krško.

I spent my mornings and evenings looking for landscape photo views. During the day I tried the local culinary art in the restaurant at the Tri Lučke estate and in the Gostilna Repovž in Šentjanž. And you can not leave Posavje without trying some local wine, we tried some very good one at the Albiana estate and in the Krško wine cellar. We also went on a cycling trip. I have to admit that the electric bicycles, which you can rent on the Tri Lučke estate, helped us so much to easily explore the hills and valleys. We also visited the Rajhenburg Castle above Brestanica, one of the many castles that adorn the surrounding landscape.

Check my photo gallery to see with your eyes how beautiful is the Posavje region around Krško.

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